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Elephant or Ninja??

I was supporting my fiancé Hannah at the Winchester 10k this weekend (big congratulations to Hannah, a new 10k pb of 48:57, 28th female and 7th in age group finish to boot.) I headed to the finish line after it all kicked off to cheer on the finishers, and meet Hannah at the end. Pretty […]

The Other 23 Hours!

This week we are looking at what we do outside of the hour or 2 a day that we may be training. The other 23 hours! There are 3 key areas (among others) We should be looking at, in order to stay at the top of our game. -Sleep -Recovery and Mobility – Breathing Sleep: […]

The Beginner Runner: It’s more than just running!

First off if you missed last week’s blog post on goal setting for the year, and staying accountable, it can be found in the link below. Goal Setting Also if you haven’t been in touch to let me know your goals, just reply to this email to do so and stay accountable. This week we’re looking […]

New Year, New Goals

Today we are going to talk about something that I’m sure most of you have thought about over the last couple of weeks: News Resolutions. With just about everyone else in the world coming up with arbitrary resolutions that they will likely forget about two weeks from now have already forgotten, I’m hoping you’ve created a solid, realistic, goal […]