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Getting Your First Pull Up

This week I’m sharing with you an article and video from our friends across at Strength to Strength, a brilliant personal training and strength and conditioning studio on the outskirts of London. Their head trainer Jamie discusses the pull up, and the most effective ways to get your first one, and then multiple reps. For […]

Calf Mobility

Today I’m sharing with you an article on calf maintenance.One of the most abused and poorly looked after areas on a runner’s body, the calves and shins take a beating, and being able to keep them in good shape is critical. Check out the article linked below from physiotherapist and strength coach John Rusin, covering […]


So today I want to talk about sleep. So many people hammer on about  the importance of sleep, it’s health benefits, and the detractions of not getting enough of it. But what does sleep do exactly? Why is it so magical? The first purpose of sleep is restoration. Every day, as it goes about its normal neural […]

Training Intensity: Have You Got it Right?

So this week I want to talk about training intensity. If you look at your average week, and look at the sessions that you do within that week, how much does your average intensity add up to? When we are looking at running training, are we always looking to go as hard as we can […]