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GoRuck Tough London-Post Event Report

Rucking in London Town- My first experience of a GoRuck event. The specific event that I attended was their GoRuck Tough Challenge- The original event set up by the company. The event was set in London on  the morning and day of 22nd April. The Buildup So I first heard of GoRuck events was when my […]

Strength: Are You as Strong as you need to be?

This week I want to look at strength, and whether it is important? As an endurance athlete, or as someone looking to be EverydayStrong, there is some need for strength. Even if your focus is endurance, strength to a certain degree will help with achieving your endurance goals. The folks have put out a great […]

London Marathon Tips and Prep

The London Marathon- considered one of the biggest races of the running calendar. For many this is the highlight of the year, and a big goal race. If you’re running a marathon this year (London or otherwise) and you’re worried about the task ahead, do not stress. Below are a few tips and tricks to […]

Strength and Conditioning for Runners- Where do you start?

Today we are looking at strength work for runners, where we start with basic movements, why we keep it simple, especially to start with, and our views on movement in general. In running position is king. How you run- your technique and mechanics, determines both your speed, efficiency and your likelihood of injury. Running is […]